EYFS Essentials


The purpose of this course is to equip teachers, teaching assistants, and learning support workers with not only the necessary knowledge that is needed to provide the proper skills and techniques to deliver the EYFS curriculum, but also with a detailed and thorough understanding of the course’s regulatory requirements. This training therefore empowers teachers to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge to ensure that effective planning and ongoing assessment for children are in place.

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  • A welcome message from your instructor Magdelize

  • Introduction and Overview

  • Student Walkthrough and Instructions for your course

  • Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework Document

  • The "Old" Development Matters- 2012 Version

  • Birth to Three Matters Booklet

  • The New Development Matters

  • How to Use the Development Matters

  • Understanding Play.pdf

  • When Education Goes Wrong: Taking the creativity and play out of learning

  • Introduction to Play

  • Parten's Social Stages of Play

  • Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

  • The Prime Learning Areas within the EYFS

  • Personal Social and Emotion Development (PSED) - Prime Learning Area

  • The 3 Stages of Emotional Development

  • The Attachment Theory

  • Physical Development (PD) - Prime Learning Area

  • Looking at Physical Development in detail

  • Busy Bodies: How the Development of Physical Skills support early learning

  • Communication and Language Development (CAL) - Prime Learning Area

  • Looking at Communication and Language Development in detail

  • Crying, Cooing, Communication: Baby's First Year

  • Understanding the Prime Learning Areas

  • Exploring Math Everyday

  • What is Mathematics?

  • Stages of Numeracy Development

  • Looking at Mathematics in Detail

  • Early Literacy

  • Link Between Language and Literacy

  • Looking at Literacy in Detail

  • Process vs. Product Approach

  • Looking at Expressive Arts and Design in Detail

  • Looking at Understanding the World in Detail

  • Are they Safe?

  • Safeguarding Policies

  • Enabling Environments

  • Understand what an Enabling Environment looks like

  • Observation and Assessment Explained

  • Methods of Recording Observations

  • Observation and Assessment Scenarios

  • The role of observation in an early years setting

  • Every Child Shines: Using Formative Assessments to Reflect on Children's Learning

  • Tips for teaching in the Early Years

  • Thank you message from your instructor Magdelize

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